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Lay Down Tanning

With our new MEGASUN 5600 lay-down sunbeds you will enjoy added extras, such as the 4 built-in facial tanners and an adjustable fan to provide you with a comfortable breeze. All our lay-down beds are also fitted with the new revolutionary MEGASUN P2 tubes delivering extra UVB for added Vitamin D for essential bio-positive effects to gain the perfect tan.

24hr notice is required to cancel a booking otherwise the booked tanning minutes will be deducted from your bundle or package. All tanning minutes are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for any other products or services. Due to health and safety reasons and sunbed legislation, tanning bundle cannot be shared. We regret that at this time, bundle minutes purchased in one salon cannot be used in another salon due to different POS systems. Over 18's only are permitted to use the UV tanning services. By law under 18's are not permitted in any of the UV tanning rooms.

Stand Up Tanning

For those that enjoy vertical tanning, our MEGASUN SPACE 2000 stand up tanner will be perfect for you. The integrated exhaust air system ensures a quiet and relaxing tanning session.
3 minutes £3 (£1 pm)
6 minutes £5 (83p pm)
9 minutes £7 (77p pm)
12 minutes £9 (75p pm)
15 minutes £11 (73p pm)
18 minutes £13 (72p pm)
*Pay-As-You-Go Tanning cannot be booked in advance
30 minutes £20 (66p pm)
60 minutes £35 (58p pm)
90 minutes £50 (55p pm)
120 minutes £65 (54p pm)
150 minutes £80 (53p pm)
180 minutes £95 (52p pm)
**Maximum amount of UV exposure time per 24hrs is dependent upon skin type
Unlimited Tanning***

Only £70.00 per month

Max 12 mins per 24hrs

***Dependent upon skin type and excludes Sunday opening